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City pulse, beaches, forest nymphs and sushi. Jönköping, Huskvarna, Gränna and Visingsö is a combination of magnificent scenery, fascinating history and good food.

Along the southern shore of Vättern

Beautifully situated in southern Sweden on the shores of lake Vättern, Jönköping offers a vibrant city pulse, beach life and nature on the doorstep. The city centre of Jönköping consists of picturesque alleys and canals opening the city up to the three lakes. East of Jönköping, lies the old mill town of Huskvarna where weapons, appliances and vehicles have been manufactured and sold under the world famous brand Husqvarna since the 17th century. Its industrial heritage has left many cultural treasures to enjoy. Gränna and Visingsö offer enchanting views, manor houses, cobbled roads, bicycle rides, idyllic wooden cabins, castle ruins, paths and oak forests. Wherever you set foot, you find yourself in the middle of a history book.

There is much more to tell about Jönköping and its surroundings – but now it is time for you to explore it!

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Upplev Småländsk natur

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Remmalag på Visingsö

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På mjuka steg genom storstilad natur

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